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 About Us:

 Zoey’s Art began as a 1st birthday project for my daughter Zoey. I wanted to share my love of art with her, like my parents had shared their love of art with me when I was a child. My sister and I still reminisce about those priceless experiences to this day, and our only regret is that there are no photographs, or other keepsakes to look back on. As a new mother we want to capture all of our children’s firsts… first time rolling over, first crawl, first step, first everything! Since this isn’t always possible, I knew I wanted to capture this first birthday in the best way I could.

So, I set out with a plan. I gave Zoey paints and some canvas and let her paint without any adult direction or intervention. I simply took pictures. When we were done, I knew that this was something special and I wanted to share our experience with the world. Zoey’s Art was started as a way to help other parents feel the way I felt that day, while simultaneously capturing the moment.

I still have that canvas and those photographs on my wall, but Zoey has grown up and so has Zoey’s Art. Today, Zoey’s Art is focused on STEAM education projects that make things children can keep and use. We still believe in capturing the moment. When your child makes a pillow that they can actually use on their bed, they will feel pride in themselves and think fondly of the day they made it.

We also believe in giving children the skills they need to succeed in life, and STEAM education does just that. STEAM stands for:








While STEAM projects are fun, they also help children with dexterity, creativity, focus, learning new skills, and succeeding in school. Arts and crafts projects for kids are a fun way to help your children learn skills like sewing, while encouraging bonding time with your child.

Our arts and craft kits and toys help you to set up STEAM activities with little-to-no mess. There’s no need to go to the craft store and by yards of fleece, spools of thread, or packages of needles. Our kits provide you with exactly what you need- nothing more, nothing less. This no hassle arts and crafts setup ensures a positive experience for the whole family.

As a family of innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs we believe instilling these kinds of skills and experiences into children can help them grow to be successful and independent adults. Join our family in the fun and order a Zoey’s Art Kit today!

Our Founder: 

Michelle is the creator of Zoey’s Art. Raised in Oklahoma, she became an entrepreneur at a young age, selling play dough to her classmates before it was cool. Her parents instilled in her a love of art that she would carry throughout her life and would eventually be the catalyst for Zoey’s Art.
Before becoming a work-from-home mom, Michelle was a PhD candidate at the University of Oklahoma, studying the potential causes of autism in children. Through the years she has carried on her love of art by teaching art classes at the University of Oklahoma, and holding art parties for her church, friends, and family. When she became a spouse, and found herself moving to new states with young kids at home, that entrepreneurial spirit returned and mixed with her love of art and her kids, created Zoey’s Art.

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