About Us

My Story

On my daughter Zoey’s first birthday, I decided to share my love of art and painting with her.  Some of my fondest childhood memories include art projects organized by my parents for my sister and I.  Decades later, my sister and I still rave about some of those priceless experiences.  Our only regret, is that we have no photographs, or other keepsakes to look back on.  So, I decided to photograph Zoey’s art experience.  After Zoey finished painting, I knew I wanted to do something special with the three canvasses she’d used, but didn’t know exactly what.  After much thought, I decided to place the canvasses into a custom frame.

As a new mother, we want to capture all of our children’s first….first time rolling over, first crawl, first step, FIRST EVERYTHING!!  Zoey’s Art allows parents to share a unique  painting experience with their children.  To me, capturing this precious moment is Just as important as the experience itself.  We pride ourselves in turning your child’s one-of-a-kind creation into beautifully framed pieces of art, uniquely designed photo books, and more!

My Credentials

Simply put, I am a stay-at-home mom with a love for sharing art with children.  I’ve taught summer art classes at the University of Oklahoma, I’ve hosted several art parties for my church, family and friends.  Few things bring me more joy and fulfillment, than watching children express themselves through art.

What You Can Expect From Me

You can expect me to cater to you.  During our session, my goal is to ensure you and your child create a timeless memory.  It is my job to make sure all the intimate details of the experience are captured.

Giving Back

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was a Phd candidate at the University of Oklahoma, studying the potential causes of autism in children.  Although I am no longer doing research, I am still very passionate about helping children with autism.  As a result, 10% of all my net earnings will be donated to autism research organizations.


Frankie, a New Jersey grandma:

“I recently received a beautiful book from my grandchildren that was created by Zoey’s Art.  This art concept is amazing!!!!  My grandchildren’s art work and photos will be lasting time pieces that I can cherish forever……beautiful, original, and authentic!!!!!”

Crystal, a Virginia mom:

“Zoey’s Art is extremely talented! Michelle took her time to scope out a potential scene to fit my sons personality and then took candid shots as she introduced each color to him! The photos and painting both came out exceeding my expectations! I am very pleased with the outcome. Zoey’s Art was a great idea! I have found a NEW photographer! If you have not had a consultation already I suggest you do, you will not regret it!”

Sue, a New Jersey grandma:

“Zoey’s Art did a beautiful job on my Granddaughter’s pictures, very professional, with a relaxed atmosphere, but also fun. The books she offers are amazing and captured every great photo she had taken during the shoot. We as Grandparents will treasure the book and pictures for years to come.”